Meet Author Ronald Ady Crouch

"O'Malley's Cottage"  is Ron's first published novel with "Books We Love".   What began as a Christmas story turned into a best-selling romance novel.  Ron's second book is "Murder on Spithandle Lane,"   written after a 35 year police-career with the British and Canadian police services.  Ron also has a self-published children's book "The Amazing Adventures of Grandpa Ramsbottom".

-Excerpt from the best-selling book "O'Malley's Cottage".
 After driving several blocks the Officer pulled up to the curb and turned to Rebecca. "We haven't been introduced," she said giving Rebecca a toothy smile and running her hand through a mass of unkempt red hair, "time we took care of that. My name is Constable Alison MacDonald and you may call me Constable Alison MacDonald. And your name?"